About us

Since 2004, Bloom Communication has created and developed over 500 branding and strategic communication projects for major brands in the regional, national and international market. Step by step, we developed complex services and became provider of 3600 communication solutions, being the pillar of Unity Group. We have been pioneers in branding and strategic communication, using analysis, design and business tools to create solutions to create solutions that participate in the "flourishing" of customers' brands. Because we do these things with passion, because we value the development of our clients' business in the long run, because we always pay attention to the figures and business indicators and we manage to grow alongside their positive values.

The design cannot replace global communication by itself. Successful businesses need rigorous branding and strategies, as well as communication tools and channels. For this reason, we mix the branding, strategy, design and the conventional and unconventional communication tools.

Our well-structured team is highly qualified and capable to provide you all the support you need to plan the success of your corporate and product brands.

Bloom Communication, member of Unity Group, is a company with operations in the fields of branding, interactive design and communication strategy consultancy. Our portfolio includes companies like Bosch, Siemens, Zelmer, Pietro Coricelli, Mutti, Calvo, Tabasco, Ssangyong, Blue Dragon, Seni, Halewood International, Lisca, Actavis, Dr.Reddy's, Salamanca Capital, E.ON, Omilos Group, Future lmobiliare Israel, Zeelandia, Broadhurst Investments Ltd – Vel Pitar / 7 Spice, Romtec Austria, Sam Mills, Romina USA, Romina Furniture, Viking Pruszynski , URBB (Skol, Granini, Holsten, Gunthers) , Tymbark (Salatini & Salatini Junior), Kotanyi, CRT Group, NICO Contractors, Just Master Activities, Cris-Tim (Matache Macelaru’, Salam Sasesc, Obrajori, Gama crud-uscate, Salam de Sibiu, Bunatati, Gostat, Bunea Haiducul, Vitality, Mugura etc.), Originals, Antibiotice, Alevia (Urifin, Ginkana, Adaptonic, Benefe etc.), Amicii / Kubo Ice Cream (Obsession, Queen, Airette, OK, OZN, De Lux, Amorena, Popsy, etc.), SSAB, Pambac, Fiterman Pharma (Propolis C, Alle gel, Bien Plus, Sindolor, Uractiv, Alinan etc.), Radburg, Facos, Tehnoton, Racova Group, Coseli, Sofiaman, Nichi, Nelmar, Tehnoprod, Piatra Neamt Tourist Brand, Relians, Hyllan Pharma, Frarom International - DIQIS, ADV Romania, Zucco, Family Care and others.